Escrow Inspections

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Escrow Inspections

Prestige Mechanical offers Escrow inspections on all hvac equipment. Home inspectors don’t really inspect the condition of heating and air conditioning equipment. Often times they are only looking at the outside of the system looking for obvious issues and verifying whether the system will heat or cool. Just because a system will heat or cool, does not mean it is in good shape, and will give your clients years of service. Hire a Licensed professional to inspect the equipment before you buy. Our detailed report can be used to negotiate with sellers if defects are found, prove to the home warranty company that the system had a clean bill of health, and is properly maintained to avoid costly coverage declines, or simply to be prepared for things to come.

Residential Escrow Inspection Report includes

    Inspection of electrical circuit to hvac equipment
    Inspection and testing of all electrical components (test capacitors, measure amp draws, calculate efficiency)
    Inspection of mechanical components (expansion valves, reversing valves, compressor, etc..)
    Inspection of coils, drain pans, and drains to make sure they are clean and flowing properly
    Inspection of all accessible ductwork for air leaks.
    Measuring airflow thru system.
    Checking refrigerant charge and evaluating total system performance.
    Use thermal imager to evaluate duct insulation and even walls and ceilings with insulation gaps.

Only $129 per system